We prioritize our patients and we are committed to a standard of excellence when it comes to treating our patients’ individual needs. Our experienced and talented team is excited to invite you and your family to create beatiful smiles, rewarding experiences, and lifelong friendships with us.

We are pleased to welcome you to our Orthodontic family, and we look forward to seeing you at your next visit.

Veronica Hermosillo

Office Manager & Orthodontic Assistant

Veronica has been a Dental Assistant for over 10 years. She moved to Granbury in 2018 and just fell in love with the town.

“I truly love the hands-on work of orthodontics. It’s awesome getting to know our patients and seeing their confidence grow with their wonderful Hollywood smiles.”

Stacy Stanley

Insurance Coordinator & Receptionist

Stacy is originally from Joshua, but moved to Granbury in 2001. She has a background in banking and the medical field, making the switch to Orthodontics in 2021.

“I am so happy I made the switch and I love seeing the excitement on our patient’s faces when they see their new smiles.”

Allie Wix

Marketing & Receptionist

Allie has been working in the dental field since 2019 and has had a passion for it ever since. She is originally from California but has recently moved to Granbury with her family and has loved the transition to Texas.

“I enjoy working closely with patients to ensure they receive the best treatment and a consistently positive experience at each visit.”

Michelle James, RDA

Orthodontic Assistant

Michelle has been a Dental Assistant for over 27 years. She started in high school with general dentistry, then the past 19 years have been exclusively orthodontics. She has seen so many changes in technology during time in dentistry.

“I love getting to know each patient on a personal level and ensuring they love every aspect of their treatment – especially their final result.”

Kris Fisher, RDA

Orthodontic Assistant

Kris has been an Orthodontic Assistant for over 20 years. She started at 16 years old and worked her way up. She is excited to be moving to Granbury in the very near future and getting established here.

“I enjoy getting to know my patients through their treatments and getting to see their Hollywood smiles at the end.”

Tori Stewart, RDA

Orthodontic Assistant

Tori graduated from a general dental assisting program and quickly started working as an Orthodontic Assistant for Dr. Clark and immediately fell in love with the line of work. She has been with us since spring 2021. She was married in the fall of 2021 and currently going to Tarleton University for Dental Hygiene.

“It makes me happy to see all of our patients going through the process and coming out in the end with genuine smiling faces. My goal is to work through the dental hygiene program so I can help even more people be happy with their smiles everyday.”

Taylor Bingham

Orthodontic Assistant

Taylor has been in the orthodontic field most of her life. She started in Colorado working and learning under Dr. Chuck Alexander. In 2020, she made the move to Texas and continued her love for orthodontics. Aside from work, Taylor enjoys hauling to rodeos, fishing and hunting. “My Mom was an orthodontic assistant for 21 years. She got me started in the field when I was a freshman in high school. I fell in love with the work. A smile is the first thing people notice about your character. I love being a part of that special transformation and seeing the beautiful results of each and every smile.